"Fit to Dive": £95

All types of recreational diving medical from any agency can be provided. These include PADI, BSAC, SAA, the Australian AS4005.1 and others, as well as those for freediving organisations. This is also the medical to book if you are diving in Spain or its islands (eg. Malta, Gozo) and are required to produce a certificate.


Medical issues that require assessment can be accommodated by prior arrangement. These include such problems as asthma, diabetes, equalising or other ear issues etc. If you do have a medical condition, please bring along all the relevant documentation to your appointment, eg. clinic letters, investigation results, discharge summaries etc.


As a referee for the UK Diving Medical Committee since 2006, Dr Oli has conducted many hundreds of recreational diving assessments.

Please read the FAQ section below to ensure you are fully prepared before your appointment. If you have any further questions, please contact me.

FAQ's - All you need to know about recreational diving medicals

What do I need to bring?

This will depend on whether you have any medical issues that need assessment. In general, please bring:​

  • details of any significant health problems, eg. clinic letters, investigations results, discharge summaries
  • details of any regular medications
  • any specific forms or paperwork your dive organisation requires completing

What does the medical involve?

The medical is tailored to your precise circumstances. I will focus on whatever issue(s) are most important to you, and those I deem necessary to ensure you are safe to undertake diving. In general, the medical will include:

  • a detailed history, exploring any medical problems or concerns you may have
  • a full physical examination
  • selected tests, for example spirometry (lung function testing), audiometry (hearing testing), ECG, urinalysis, exercise testing

How long will the medical take?

Usually no more than 30 minutes.

How long are medicals valid for?

This varies between different diving organisations. PADI certificates are valid for 1 year, after which they may need to be renewed. BSAC, SAA and some other organisations allow a validity period to be specified, from 1 year to indefinite.