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The HSE medical is required for any diver who is at work in UK waters. The Diving at Work Regulations 1997 stipulate that all working divers must have a valid certificate of fitness to dive issued by an Approved Medical Examiner of Divers (AMED).

Dr Oli has been an AMED since 2006 and conducts several hundred HSE medical examinations per year. The assessment process is systematic and designed to ensure that a diver is medically and physically fit to undertake their work.

The medical includes:

  • a discussion focussed on the work diving and past medical history of the candidate

  • a full physical examination, including BMI and waist circumference

  • spirometry (lung function test)

  • audiometry (hearing test)

  • exercise capacity testing (via the Chester Step Test)

  • urinalysis (a urine sample will be required)

  • selected additional tests, such as full blood count or ECG, if clinically indicated

For divers requiring a standalone Chester Step Test before mobilisation, these can now be booked online here, for £75.

Please read the FAQ section below to ensure you are fully prepared before your appointment. If you have any further questions, please contact me.

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  • This is my first (preliminary) HSE medical - what do I need to do?
    Before booking the medical, please read the following HSE guidance document: The Medical Examination and Assessment of Divers (MA1) This document includes important information on: medical issues that might disqualify a candidate automatically Body Mass Index (BMI), waist circumference and exercise capacity cutoff points There is also a questionnaire that your GP needs to countersign, which can be downloaded from this link: HSE Fact Sheet and Medical Questionnaire. Please note that without the completed medical questionnaire, we cannot issue a candidate with the HSE medical paperwork. ​ Please ensure you bring along: the completed GP questionnaire photographic ID, eg. passport or driving licence suitable clothing and footwear in which to complete a step-based exercise test
  • This is an annual (repeat) HSE medical - what do I need to do?
    Please ensure you bring along: a complete copy of your most recent HSE medical photographic ID, eg. passport or driving licence suitable clothing and footwear in which to complete a step-based exercise test
  • How long does the HSE medical take?
    Usually no more than 45 minutes.
  • When will I know the result of the medical?
    As long as there are no medical issues that require further specialist assessment, the decision is made immediately. If you pass, you will be issued with a certificate of medical fitness to dive which you can take with you. If you fail, or are found fit to dive only with restrictions, you will be informed of the reason(s). You have the right to appeal to HSE within 28 days for a review of the decision. Details of the appeals procedure can be found on the HSE website, here.
  • How long is the HSE medical valid for?
    The duration of the medical is 12 months. If a diver attends less than a month before their current medical expires, then the new medical can begin when the current one runs out. This mirrors the MOT system for cars in the UK and ensures that there is a "grace period" so that divers do not lose any days they have paid for.
  • What is the Chester Step Test?
    The Chester Step Test is a simple but reliable way to assess aerobic fitness. It is widely used in different occupational settings as it is safe, practical, quick and has reasonable validity. The test requires the candidate to step on to and off a raised platform or step (usually 25-30 cm in height), in time to a beat. Heart rate is monitored throughout, via a chest or arm strap, and the stepping rate is increased every 2 minutes. The test finishes when a heart rate of 80% of your predicted maximum is reached, or 5 stepping periods have been completed. The maximum duration of the test is therefore 10 minutes. As the test is dependent on measuring heart rate, please do not drink excess alcohol or caffeine in the 24 hour period before taking the test, as this could affect the results.
  • What if I need to change or cancel my booking?
    Hyperdive is committed to providing all of our patients with exceptional care. When a patient cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another patient from being seen. Please notify us of any changes or cancellations to your appointment as far in advance as possible, and at the latest 48 hours before your scheduled appointment, to avoid a cancellation fee. To cancel a Monday appointment, please notify us by 2:00 pm on Friday. We will do our best to accommodate any changes, but if prior notification is not given, or received less than 48 hours prior to the booking, any fees paid are non-refundable. You can notify us by using the contact form on the website, or by calling 07539 467990.
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